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Giant Foods Case Analysis

This case includes merged advancements, a mixing of conventional and bleeding edge plans of action and a union between a built up pharmaceutical supplier and a juvenile, Information Technology based, Drug showcasing firm. Together, these two organizations attempted to make patient instruction and physician endorsed sedate consistence program by sending the profound well of client information obtained by Giant Foods and the restrictive programming of Elensys Care administrations, Inc. Elensys utilizes data from Giants drug store to send customized letters, composed on drug store letterhead yet frequently paid for by pharmaceutical organizations, that remind clients to reorder remedies and pitch new items to clients with specific diseases. Mammoth originally tried the attainability of running a medication consistence program in-house yet immediately established that its’ Information System necessities were excessively overpowering and chosen to re-appropriate the program to Elensys. Be that as it may, the reaction to this new activity was negative and solid as many furious clients called authorities at Giant to gripe. Protection authorities said the training brought up new issues about patient privacy and furthermore obscures the line among medication and showcasing. â€Å"People expect that their clinical data, including solution data, is held in the strictest confidence,† said Beth Givens, chief of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a philanthropic purchaser bunch in San Diego. â€Å"When that data is imparted to an outsider, they're astounded and shocked. This case epitomizes the protection issues encompassing Giant Food's choice to re-appropriate a physician endorsed medicate consistence program to Elensys. Overlooking for a second the basic benefit rationale of this program, roughly 50% of all patients quit taking their medicine inside the initial a half year of being recommended, consistence programs remind patients to reorder their remedies and help address a significant general medical problem. Nonetheless, these projects additionally raise protection issues since they include the utilization of touchy individual data. This case gives business and law understudies, firms and administrators with a chance to survey the protection issues raised by this circumstance. The case additionally gives a chance to firms to manage the difficulties of building up a security touchy execution procedure and CRM programs as a rule. Foundation: Giant Foods, Inc. Starting in February of 1936, Giant Foods was enlivened by N. M. Cohen and Samuel Lehrman. Utilizing the plan of action of offering an enormous, self-administration market with income dependent on high volume and low costs, the store was a moment achievement. A trend-setter from the very beginning, Giant Foods was the first to introduce front-end scanners in quite a while stores, showcase a private name house brand and the first to enlist a buyer backer to advance its items. A significant part of the achievement that Giant has earned is because of innovation, development and all around arranged vertical joining. Monster by and by works its own bread kitchen, dairy and soda pop firm. Monster likewise constructs its own stores, delivers its ads and promoting in-house and even makes its own signs. This vertical mix technique has been exceptionally fruitful in the food-drug store blend with which Giant assisted with spearheading. The way that every Giant drug store fills more than 1,000 solutions for every week proposes this is a gainful strategy and exceptionally respected by its clients. Elensys: Elensys started its business life in 1993, in Burlington Massachusetts. Its plan of action was one of an IT empowered data framework worked as a â€Å"prescription compliance† program among shoppers and Pharmacists. Elensys, whose name originates from an antiquated Greek city known for medication and wellbeing, was a â€Å"first mover† around there and, because of solid system impacts, had the option to arrive at a minimum amount inside three years. At first, Elensys began with four representatives and served two neighborhood drug stores. By and by, Elensys gets remedy data from 15,000 drug stores around a huge number of individuals consistently, and it utilizes exclusive, bleeding edge PC hardware to monitor these records, as indicated by Elensys author Dan Rubin. In an Internet post, Elensys depicts itself as â€Å"the pioneer in quiet conduct adjustment programs. † Interest in the organization has taken off, to some degree in light of the fact that such a significant number of individuals neglect to take medication appropriately and most chains don't have the specialized fortitude to follow clients as absolutely as Elensys, Rubin said. Up to half of all patients who ought to routinely accept medication for such sicknesses as hypertension or elevated cholesterol quit rashly, he said. â€Å"It's the essential purpose behind our reality. † Much of the expense of the examination and mailings is counterbalanced by installments from medicate producers, who contract with drug stores for the option to mail data to singular clients. In addition to other things, Rubin stated, that material could incorporate proposals that clients change starting with one medication then onto the next. Notwithstanding the client reaction from this program, numerous lawful issues become farsighted because of the not well characterized nature of protection laws. In a showcasing practice that a few specialists state brings up new issues about clinical security, a few enormous medication store chains and â€Å"thousands† of autonomous drug stores have been giving secret patient data to a Massachusetts database organization that profiles and targets patients who don't reorder remedies. The Washington Post reports Elensys gets solution data on a large number of people from 15,000 drug stores every week, utilizing â€Å"some of the most modern PC hardware available† to profile patients and send them â€Å"educational materials† about medications accessible for their conditions. Dr. George Lundberg, proofreader of the Journal of the American Medical Association, called the immediate showcasing strategies, known as â€Å"drug consistence programs,† a â€Å"breach of principal clinical moral issues. † He stated, â€Å"Do you need †¦ the incredible PC in the sky to have a PC rundown of each medication you take, from which can be found your imaginable maladies †and all without your authorization? † Elensys depicts itself in an Internet posting as â€Å"the pioneer in tolerant conduct alteration programs† The Boston Globe detailed that â€Å"Giant Foods said yesterday it is thinking about suspending† the act of sending secret data to Elensys. Stung by exposures in the Washington Post, Giant Foods held significant level gatherings the entire day before giving an announcement safeguarding the program and stating broad measures were taken to secure privacy. † The announcement stated, â€Å"Giant drug stores takes part in a predetermined number of projects intended to teach clients about remedy treatment and improve consistence with their medication routine. These projects not the slightest bit bargain the privacy of patients. † Elensys upheld Giant, shielding itself in an explanation that accentuated it â€Å"merely filled in as an operator of Giant, and the chain applied sole authority over the utilization of data. The Washington Post revealed Sunday that authorities at Giant guarded the showcasing program, â€Å"saying clients profit by their updates and from the data gave by sedate makers. The two organizations said they esteem client security and permit clients to expel themselves from investment by presenting a ‘opt-out' structure. † A representative for Giant â€Å"stressed that Elensys doesn't impart its solution database to third parties,† and Elensys President Daniel Rubin â€Å"said medicate organizations never gain admittance to the drug store's documents. Rather, pharmaceutical organizations choose which patient gatherings they need to target and pay Elensys and the drug stores to mail data to those patients. The Washington Post additionally reports that the immediate promoting is â€Å"part of an expansive move by sedate makers and drug stores the nation over to utilize clinical data, new innovation and complex showcasing procedures to sell more medications. Instead of elevating their items to doctors,† organizations are focusing on patients in order to influence them to request explicit medicines. The New York Times reports an equal pattern wherein the â€Å"pharmaceutical business is progressively promoting psychological wellness medicates straightforwardly to buyers. † Manufacturers guarantee the data is valuable to patients, while a few specialists and patient backers fight that â€Å"people with certain psychological instabilities are substantially more defenseless to being controlled than those with other clinical issues. † The Times reports that â€Å"in the most forceful case of moving toward patients legitimately, Eli Lilly and Company said as of late that it would offer grants to some schizophrenic patients who took Zyprexa, its new antipsychotic medicate. Future issues related with this new advertising ploy include: The merging of the innovative ethic, where the objective is to sell an item and the more customary clinical ethic, where the objective is the prosperity of the patient. The data could be offered to an insurance agency that would then won't sell the individual protection or charge them a higher premium. This private data could advance toward head-chasing firms, businesses and even separation courts.

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The Hunters: Moonsong Chapter Thirty-Eight

Bonnie didn't have her keys. She knew precisely where they were, yet that didn't do her much good: they were lying on the bedside table close to Zander's flawless plain single bed. She reviled and kicked at the entryway, tears running down her face. How was she going to recover any of her stuff? Some person opened the front entryway of the structure for her. â€Å"Jeez, relax,† he stated, yet Bonnie had just pushed past him and was running up the steps to her room. It would be ideal if you let them be here, she thought, sticking to the rail, if it's not too much trouble She had almost certainly that Elena and Meredith would comfort her, would support her, regardless of what she had said to them during their battle. They would enable Bonnie figure to out what to do. Be that as it may, they may be out. What's more, she'd have no clue where to discover Meredith and Elena, no thought where they invested their free energy nowadays. How had she become so far separated from her closest companions? Bonnie pondered, cleaning her hands over her cheeks, spreading endlessly her tears and snot. Why had she treated them so severely? They were simply attempting to ensure her. What's more, they were directly about Zander; they were so right. She snuffled hopelessly. At the point when she arrived at the highest point of the steps, Bonnie hit into their room entryway with her clench hand, hearing speedy development inside. They were home. Say thanks to God. â€Å"Bonnie?† Meredith stated, alarmed, when she opened the entryway, and afterward, â€Å"Oh, Bonnie,† as Bonnie hurled herself, crying, into Meredith's arms. Meredith embraced her, tight and savage, and, just because since she had hopped away from Zander and run for the emergency exit, Bonnie had a sense of security. â€Å"What's the issue, Bonnie? What happened?† Elena was behind Meredith, peering at her tensely, and some portion of Bonnie saw that Elena's own white and frightened face was set apart with tears. She was interfering with something, yet Bonnie couldn't concentrate on that now. Past Elena, she got a quick look at herself in the mirror. Her hair stood apart around her face in a wild red cloud, her eyes were shiny, and her pale face was spread with soil and tears. I look, Bonnie idea with a semihysterical quiet giggle, similar to I was pursued by werewolves. â€Å"Werewolves,† she moaned as Meredith pul ed her into the room. â€Å"They're al werewolves.† â€Å"What are you †† Meredith severed. â€Å"Bonnie, do you mean Zander and his companions? They're werewolves?† Bonnie gestured irately, covering her face against Meredith's shoulder. Meredith drove her back and looked cautious y at her. â€Å"Are you sure, Bonnie?† she asked tenderly. She looked to Elena, and the two of them turned and looked out the window at the sky. â€Å"Did you see them change? It's not the ful moon yet.† â€Å"No,† Bonnie said. She attempted to recover, taking brutal crying swallows of air. â€Å"Zander let me know. And afterward †goodness, Meredith, it was so alarming †I ran, and they pursued me.† She clarified what occurred, on the rooftop and on the gardens of the col ege. Meredith and Elena took a gander at one another curious y, at that point back at Bonnie. â€Å"Why did he tel you?† Elena inquired. â€Å"He couldn't have figured you would have a decent response to the news; it would have been simpler to continue stowing away it.† Bonnie shook her head powerlessly. Meredith angled an unexpected eyebrow at her. â€Å"Even beasts can fal in love,† she said. â€Å"I thought you realized that, Elena.† She looked at her chasing fight, inclining toward the foot of her bed. â€Å"When the ful moon comes, presently I'l recognize what to look for.† Bonnie gazed at her with sickening dread. â€Å"You're not going to chase them, are you?† It was a dumb inquiry, she knew. On the off chance that Zander and his companions genuine y were behind the killings and vanishings nearby, Meredith needed to chase them. It was her duty. Al of their duties, genuine y, in such a case that they were the main ones who knew reality, they were the main ones who could protect every other person. Be that as it may, Zander, something inside her yelled in torment. Not Zander†¦ â€Å"None of the assaults happened during a ful moon,† Elena said mindful y, and Meredith and Bonnie both squinted at her. â€Å"That's true,† Meredith concurred, grimacing as she recalled. â€Å"I don't have the foggiest idea how we didn't understand that previously. Bonnie,† she said. â€Å"Think cautious y before you answer this inquiry. You've been investing a great deal of energy with Zander and his companions. Took care of them make you figure they may hurt somebody, genuine y hurt them, when they're not in wolf form?† â€Å"No!† Bonnie said automatical y. At that point she halted and thought and stated, all the more gradually, â€Å"No, I don't think so. Zander's genuine y kind, I don't figure he could counterfeit that. Not al the time. They play unpleasant, however I've never observed them battle with anybody aside from each other. Furthermore, even with each other, they're not genuine y battling, simply more kind of messing around.† â€Å"We realize what you mean,† Meredith said dryly. â€Å"We've seen it.† Elena tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. â€Å"The vanishings weren't during the ful moon, either,† she said insightful y. â€Å"Although I surmise they could have been taking individuals and holding them prisoner, intending to kil them when they were in wolf structure later, however that doesn't †I mean, I don't have a lot of werewolf experience other than Tyler, yet †it doesn't sound very wolfy to me. Excessively sterile, sort of.† â€Å"But†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Bonnie sank down on her bed. â€Å"You believe there's an opportunity Zander and his companions probably won't be the kil ers? At that point who are the kil ers?† She felt dazed. Meredith and Elena traded a horrid look. â€Å"You wouldn't trust a portion of the stuff that occurs on this campus,† Elena said. â€Å"We'l fil you in.† Bonnie scoured her face with her hands. â€Å"Zander revealed to me he was a decent werewolf,† she said. â€Å"That he didn't hurt individuals. Is that conceivable? Is there even such a mind-bending concept as a decent werewolf?† Meredith and Elena plunked down close to her, one on each side, and folded their arms over her. â€Å"Maybe?† Elena said. â€Å"I genuine y trust along these lines, Bonnie. For your sake.† Bonnie murmured and nestled nearer to them, laying her head on Meredith's shoulder. â€Å"I need to consider al this,† she said. â€Å"At least I'm not the only one. I'm so happy I have you all. I'm sorry we fought.† Elena and Meredith both embraced her all the more firmly. â€Å"You've consistently got us,† Elena guaranteed. A wild pounding came at the entryway. Elena looked at Bonnie, who strained obviously on her bed yet kept her hands over her face, and afterward at Meredith, who gestured solidly to her and moved to her feet, going after her fight. It had happened to them two that, if Zander needed to converse with Bonnie, he knew precisely where she lived. Elena flung open the entryway, and Matt tumbled in. He was wearing a long dark hooded robe, and his eyes were rushed as he wheezed for breath. â€Å"Matt?† she said in shock, and looked to Meredith, who gave a little shrug and set her fight back down. â€Å"What's the issue? Furthermore, what are you wearing?† He got Elena by the shoulders, holding her too firmly. â€Å"Stefan's in danger,† he stated, and she solidified. â€Å"The Vitale Society †they're vampires. Stefan spared me, yet he can't battle them al .† He immediately clarified what occurred in the mystery chamber beneath the library, how Stefan acted the hero, at that point sent him to find support. â€Å"We don't have much time,† he wrapped up. â€Å"They're kil ing †they're changing al the vows into vampires. I don't have a clue what Ethan has anticipated Stefan. We need to return. What's more, we need Damon.† Meredith got her fight again and, dreary confronted, was taking her bag of weapons from her wardrobe. Bonnie was on her feet, as well, clench hands grasped, jaw firm. â€Å"I'l cal Damon,† Elena stated, getting her telephone. Damon had dropped her off at the dormitory subsequent to strolling her back from James' home, yet he was likely stil close by. Stefan at serious risk. On the off chance that he †¦ in the event that anything transpired, if something occurred while they were separated, while he was stil harmed and it was her deficiency, Elena could never excuse herself. She wouldn't have the right to be pardoned. Blame resembled a blade in her stomach. How might she have harmed Stefan like that? She was pulled in to Damon, sure, even cherished him, yet she'd never had any inquiry that Stefan was her genuine affection. What's more, she had made him extremely upset. She'd effectively spare Stefan. She'd kick the bucket for him on the off chance that she needed to. What's more, as she tuned in to the ringing on the opposite stopping point and trusted that Damon will get, she understood that there was no doubt in her psyche that Damon would successfully spare Stefan, as well.

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Six SIPA Students and UNICEF Awarded First Place at U.S. Agency for International Development Competition COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Six SIPA Students and UNICEF Awarded First Place at U.S. Agency for International Development Competition COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Most of the news on the blog lately has been about admission related news and notes, but there is always a lot going on at SIPA that is newsworthy. Workshops are opportunities designed for SIPA students to work in groups with external organizations to put their learning to real world use.   You can think of workshops as group internships.   These opportunities are set up by faculty members and the workshops provide practical learning and also give SIPA graduates a solid way to provide practical examples of their skills sets in job interviews. Sean Mahoney Blaschke, Sarah Kirsten Bokenkamp, Roxana Maria Cosmaciuc, Mari Fredrika Denby, Beza Hailu, and Raymond Short, all second year SIPA students who are participating in the Workshop in Development Practice (also known as the Economic and Political Development/Human Rights Workshop), were awarded first place in the ‘Development 2.0 Challenge’ held by USAID.   The SIPA team is partnering with UNICEF to pilot a system to monitor the health and nutrition status of children in Malawi using text messaging over mobile phones. The students will work with UNICEF and local partners through April to develop and test this RapidSMS system, initially at three growth monitoring centers in Malawi before expanding nationwide.   The goal is to help the Government of Malawi and its partners track trends in child malnutrition more accurately and in real time.   Prof. Pratima Kale, who has a long history of work with UNICEF, is the faculty advisor for this For the full story you can visit this link: http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/usa_47068.html Photo courtesy of UNICEF Web site

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The Illegal Steroid Use in The Major League Baseball

The purpose in constructing this report is to take a look and study the illegal steroid use in Major League Baseball, and possible ways it can be exempt from the game forever. Use of performance enhancing drugs is cheating and causes inequalities, in which new repercussions should be implemented. These new rules should include a zero tolerance level, records stripped and not being rewarded of their accomplishments; which is to include banishment from an admittance into the Hall of Fame. Furthermore, it causes major health concerns and could end a player’s career, along with mitigating health problems down the road. The total elimination of steroids in MLB (Major League Baseball) would make the atmosphere and fans appreciate the game as it†¦show more content†¦In 2003, David â€Å"Boomer† Wells claimed that up to 40% of major leaguers used steroids, and then in 2005, Jose Canseco addressed the media with stating that 80% of major leaguers had taken steroids, and have credited the drug for their entire career (Gilman, 2013, p.2). So the facts are there, players are using and abusing to cheat their way into the HOF (Hall of Fame). The one time strike is followed without pay, because the player will not completely process the magnitude of what he did was wrong. This solution would hold true to the integrity of the game and keep the playing field fair across the board. For the fair players this zero tolerance level is a godsend. Records Stripped Players that are breaking records and accomplishing tasks a normal man cannot amount to without the use of performance enhanced drugs, should not be applauded for. Athletes who use and test positive for steroids will be banished from baseball’s record books and will be ineligible to enter the Hall of Fame. Players value their status as one of the greatest and are honored to be accounted for in the record books, and if none of that is recorded then what would be the use of cheating. It would be as if the player never participated or even played the game (Abramson, 2014, p.2). Mark Maguire, a front runner currently awaiting his election into the Hall of Fame, has beenShow MoreRelatedSteroids Abuse in Baseball1746 Words   |  7 PagesSteroid Abuse Hurts Baseball The abuse of steroids among players in Major League Baseball is corrupting the image of Americas Pastime as well as endangering the health of those who use the illegal substances. The lack of testing and punishment for the use of illegal substances like steroids in the Major Leagues portrays a negative image to aspiring young athletes. They see their role models using steroids and becoming better athletes rather than seeing suspensions for the illegal behavior orRead More Steroid Abuse Hurts Baseball Essay1701 Words   |  7 PagesSteroid Abuse Hurts Baseball   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The abuse of steroids among players in Major League Baseball is corrupting the image of America?s Pastime as well as endangering the health of those who use the illegal substances. The lack of testing and punishment for the use of illegal substances like steroids in the Major Leagues portrays a negative image to aspiring young athletes. They see their role models using steroids and becoming better athletes rather than seeing suspensions for the illegal behaviorRead More Steroids Essay572 Words   |  3 Pages Steroid use in Major League Baseball is a topic of growing concern. Over the past few months, different allegations toward certain superstars and their involvement with illegal anabolic steroids have surfaced. From books written by ex-ballplayers to accusations by ex-trainers of the players, steroids are clearly all over the teams clubhouses when it shouldn’t be. Steroids connection with Major League Baseball today should clearly not be allowed becaus e it gives the users a decisive edge over theRead MoreSteroids in Professional Baseball Essay1185 Words   |  5 Pagestopics in Major League Baseball is the discussion of the use of steroids and human growth hormones. Both are completely illegal in the sport, and come with drastic consequences. One would think a fifty game suspension as a first offense would scare players away, but for some reason steroids in baseball is occurring more and more often to the disappointment of Major League Baseball. The reason players take steroids in the first place is to enhance their performance on the field. Steroids make playersRead MoreSpeech On Steroids And Major League Baseball1638 Words   |  7 Pagesin Major League history. However, this record is controversial, due to steroid use. B. Thesis: Today I am going to persuade you all about the use of steroids in Major League Baseball, persuading you why steroids should not be allowed in Major League Baseball. I have a call to action for all of you to help others if they are considering using steroids, and next time you watch a MLB game to realize the impact of steroids. C. Credibility: Gave my informative speech on Steroids in Major League BaseballRead MoreSteroids in Major League Baseball800 Words   |  4 PagesSteroids in Major League Baseball Anabolic steroids have been abused by Major League Baseball players for years, it’s time to forever ban the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs before they ruin America’s past time. Why should athletes be able to cheat when teammates or rivals are competing with honest effort? Every year records are broken and new heights are achieved, the game of baseball is very simple yet very humble, and to deceive the game you love, forever will you be punished. Let me informRead MoreEssay on The Use of Sterioids in Baseball1434 Words   |  6 PagesSteroids In Baseball Baseball was meant to be a sport for people to play and to have fun while doing it. It was like that for a while until drugs such as steroids started becoming more accessible. There has been an ongoing conversation lately about cheating in sports. Within the four major sports in the US, baseball has been talked about the most when it comes to cheating. It is not only a problem in Major League Baseball. Young kids playing in college use steroids. Nowadays, athletes will tryRead MorePED in Sports Essay1644 Words   |  7 Pagesin sports. It not only deteriorates the honesty of the game, but also can have broader social affects that one may not even realize. The use of performance enhancing drugs is especially apparent in Major League Baseball. This problem can be traced back to the 1980’s when baseball was facing one of its first â€Å"dark periods†. During the 1980’s Major League Baseball was experiencing a home run drought. Home run totals were down as far as they had been since Babe Ruth, and fans were seemingly becomingRead More Anabolic Steroids Essay1560 Words   |  7 Pages Steroids Probably one of the biggest stories in the news today is steroids in Major League Baseball. This is one of the reasons that I chose to do my research paper on steroids. I knew that it would not be hard to find information on the issue. I also needed to have a topic that relates to my service learning project. This is helping coach a high school track and field team. And as you will read later, I talk about steroids with high school athletes. I also wanted to improve my knowledge on theRead MoreSteroids : Steroids And Steroids1425 Words   |  6 Pages Steroids in Baseball Players like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez, just to name a few, have disobeyed the game of baseball, and for what? To add an extra 2-5 mph on their fastball, or to hit the ball farther. If scouts liked you when you weren’t on steroids, why would you need to go on to them. It totally takes out your natural ability of what made you the baseball player that scouts recruited you. This isn’t

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Literary Elements Of The Victorian Era - 1238 Words

The Victorian era, named after Queen Victoria of England, began after the Romantic period from 1837 to 1901. This era can also be referred to as the Fusion era because of its romantic and modernist styles of writing (â€Å"Victorian Era Literature Characteristics†). During this time period, characters in many novels had common qualities, such as: hard work, perseverance, love, and luck because people wanted to teach moral lessons (â€Å"Victorian Era Literature Characteristics†). However, teaching morals was not the only theme that was present during this time period; realism and even science fiction started to appear in this age (â€Å"Victorian Literature†). As people started to use these themes in their writings, common literary elements started to†¦show more content†¦At the end of their conversation, Black Dog leaves the Inn in anger. After a few more unexpected events, Jim Hawkins inherits very important documents from Billy Bones after his death. He then takes these documents to Doctor Livesey and Squire Trelawney, who then figure out that the documents a treasure map. Afterwards, both Livesey and Trelawney gather a crew and set out on a quest to find this treasure. While on the voyage, half of the crew made a pact to kill off anyone that gets in their way of the treasure. As the story goes on, the ship reaches the island and immediately, both halves of the crew start slaughtering each other. In the end, Jim Hawkins and a few others survivors were able to find the treasure and safely go home (Stevenson). The plots written in both The War of the Worlds and Treasure Island are undoubtedly adventurous with a frenzy twist thrown into it that the reader can enjoy and relate to. For example, in The War of the Worlds, the whole story revolves around the idea that everyone is either trying to escape or hide from the cruel aliens. While in Treasure Island, there are people who are murdering their crew members for a chest full of trea sure. Finally, the plots in both stories have similar climax which associates death. For example, in The War of the Worlds, the main character gets into a complication with a friend and ends up murdering him. In Treasure Island the climax begins when the shady crew reaches the island andShow MoreRelatedGothic Novel Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesGothic Novel’s origin and its Repertoire element Gothic novel literary defined as an English genre of fiction which came into action and became popular in 18th to early 19th century, widely characterized by atmosphere of horror, fear, death, gloom, darkness ,mystery and romantic elements ,such as nature individuality and high emotions. The term gothic actually originated as to criticise the architecture and art of that period which was dark, decaying and dismal. The term was embraced by artistRead MoreRealism And The Victorian Era859 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals that are of different blood and social statuses fall in love? The Victorian Era was a time where your social status could be construed as directly correlating to whom said individual could socialize with, marry, or have any ties too. Perhaps maybe there weren’t three individuals that knew this more than the three of Wuthering Heights Edgar Linton, Catherine Earnshaw, and Heathcliff. The Victorian Era had many elements that could be tied to it but the one that will be the center focus for thisRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Alice s Adventures 1293 Words   |  6 Pagesnonsense to satirize Victorian era society, morality, and their sense of justice. One reason Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland remains in the hearts of both children and adults after so much time is due to Carroll’s keen ability to write both logic and nonsense. The middle of the nineteenth century was the height of a genre known as literary nonsense. Literary nonsense is a genre that blends some elements that make sense with elements that do not. Carroll superbly put the Victorian era’s love of riddlesRead MoreThe Use Of Gothic Elements In Dracula By Bram Stoker1698 Words   |  7 Pagesthe nineteenth century during the Victorian era. The Victorian people had certain beliefs about Christianity and the roles of men and women in society. Women were allowed only to do certain things and were expected to do specific things in regards to men. The Victorian people also had their own interpretation of superstitions. Stoker introduced the Victorian people to gothic elements in his literary works. In literature, gothic novels often use goth ic elements to support their themes and the moodRead More Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxeds Church and The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock741 Words   |  3 Pagesspan of time from the Victorian age of Literature to the Modernism of the 20th century wrought many changes in poetry style and literary thinking. While both eras contained elements of self-scrutiny, the various forms and reasoning behind such thinking were vastly different. The Victorian age, with its new industrialization of society, brought to poetry and literature the fictional character, seeing the world from anothers eyes.   It was also a time in which Victorian authors and intellectualsRead MoreThe Victorians Concern With Morality1180 Words   |  5 PagesThe Victorians’ Concern with Morality â€Å"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Charles Dickens). This quote helps to sum up the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era is understood to have existed during the rule of Queen Victoria between 1837 to 1901. It was thought to be an exciting period that saw various literary schools and artistic styles along with social and politicalRead MoreSummary OfThey Shut Me Up In Prose937 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscusses how women are confined in society’s structured roles on women in the Victorian era. Dickinson does so in three stanzas, with an inconsistent rhyme scheme. This poem is influenced by the inequalities between genders and the limitations that prevented women from enjoying things that were seen as specifically for men, such as writing poems and having a higher education. In it, she uses various literary and poetic elements. In stanza 1, Dickinson begins by expressing the captivity that she feelsRead MorePortrayal Of Male Homosexuality Under Queen Victoria Is Oscar Wilde s Gross Indecency And Sodomy Trial1485 Words   |  6 PagesDuring the Victorian Era (1819-1901), western society went through an abundance of change. It was mostly defined by a boom in technology, commonly known and referred to as the Industrial Revolution. Socially however, the rules and laws were strict. Female sexuality was policed in the sense of a general social erasure, whereas male sexuality was viewed as a reproductive tool. This lead to the further criminalization of male homosexuality beyond its assumed sinful nature. The most famous case ofRead MoreBritish Literature : Final Exam1300 Words   |  6 PagesBritish Literature II - Final Exam British Literature is filled with diverse and talented writers who through each period has brought something new to the table. Over the course of the term we have covered the Romantic period, the Victorian Age and the Modern period. Each period has had a hand in developing literature through to the modern age and each writer has influenced the next generation. To best examine each period of literature the paper will be split amongst the three major periods theRead MoreBritish Literature : Final Exam1301 Words   |  6 PagesBritish Literature II - Final Exam British Literature is filled with diverse and talented writers who through each period has brought something new to the table. Over the course of the term we have covered the Romantic period, the Victorian Age and the Modern period. Each period has had a hand in developing literature through to the modern age and each writer has influenced the next generation. To best examine each period of literature the paper will be split amongst the three major periods the course

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Benchmark Jobs Free Essays

In the business world today, many companies are made up of benchmark jobs and also non-benchmark jobs. A benchmark job is an occupation that is common throughout that field of work. Therefore, it is a job that has standard responsibilities that can be found from one organization to another. We will write a custom essay sample on Benchmark Jobs or any similar topic only for you Order Now A non-benchmark job is just the opposite. It is a job that it is unique to the organization and cannot be found in other organizations of the same occupation. Through our interviews one will be able to have a better understanding of a benchmark job, with it being applied to reality. Also, through reading, â€Å"Lectures on the Measurement and Evaluation† by Saul Rosen one will be able to clearly identify a benchmark job. Throughout this article, it goes into detail about real and synthetic benchmark job. As stated in the article, a synthetic benchmark job is one that has been designed specifically for inclusion in a benchmark model. They use this model of benchmark jobs for system measurements or testing of evaluation. Throughout the paper we will discuss the importance of benchmark jobs, the process of determination, what has been found in the past, future research, and discussion on personal interviews and information from articles and books. In the end the reader will be able to have a better understanding from our research on benchmark jobs. The importance of a benchmark job Many individuals may wonder why benchmark jobs are important to an organization. Companies use benchmark jobs as a form of evaluation in order to better their company. Through this information it opens the eyes of the organization to be able to see many new methods and ideas that they may not of otherwise been able to acknowledge. They use these methods and ideas towards improving their effectiveness within the company. Another benefit of a benchmark job is that they can be applied to many different kinds of jobs and also newly created jobs. It is not built to only benefit a certain type of career. The benchmark job process In order to determine a benchmark job, the company can do a survey to compare jobs throughout their industry. There are several questions that a company can ask themselves in order to determine what occupations within their company are classified as a benchmark job. Why does the job exist? What knowledge is needed? What does the job consist of? What couldn’t be done without it? Does almost every company in our industry have this job? Simple questions like these can help businesses determine what jobs are a benchmark job. Some examples of a benchmark job would be a secretary in an administrative company, a scientist in a technical group, or an inspector in a manufacturing business. In the reading â€Å"Handbook of Industrial Engineering: Technology and Operations Management† it discusses the benchmark job process and how it is used for evaluations. The first step is to select a benchmark job. This is very critical to an evaluation, because the entire method is based on them. These benchmark jobs serve as reference points. The number of benchmark jobs for the evaluation varies, because it depends on the range and diversity of the work to be evaluated. Next, one will want to rank the benchmark job. They are ranked on each compensable factor, they use the example of a job family consisting of six jobs is first ranked on mental requirements, 1 being the highest, then on experience and skills, and so on. After each benchmark job is ranked on each factor the next step is to allocate the current wages of that benchmark job among the compensable factors. â€Å"This is done by deciding how much of the wage rate for each benchmark job is associated with mental demands, how much with physical requirements, and so on, across the compensable factors (Salvendy, Gavriel). † How to cite Benchmark Jobs, Essay examples

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Clinical Psychology And Gerontology Behavior Patterns

Question: Discuss about theClinical Psychology And Gerontology for Behavior Patterns. Answer: Psychology as a professional discipline could be better understood through gaining crucial knowledge concerned personality and motivation. Psychology is an extensive field of education that includes the study of human growth and development, thoughts, behavior patterns, various personalities and motivation among others. Notably, the great psychologist Sigmund Freud revealed how the psychic energy shifts from the id to create the ego and eventually develop the superego gradually as the child matures (Blatny, 2015). Significantly, personality is shaped by the behavior patterns influenced by id impulses as well as ideal behaviors prompted by the superego. Most importantly, an individuals personality is evidenced through the behaviors portrayed by that individual. Additionally, Freud discussed the impact of cathexis and anticathexis processes that are associated with individuals desire to satisfy their needs and desires among others. Furthermore, motivation is a major factor that reinfor ces good behavior. Lastly, increased motivation is a useful tool that triggers positive behavior changes thus contributing to the better perception of the discipline of psychology (McAdams, 2015). Therefore knowledge of personality and motivation has a significant effect on understanding the psychology and behavior of different individuals of various ages as well as their interest a key factor that can enable good interactions with them including the provision of guidance and counseling. References Blatny, M. (2015). Personality and well-being across the lifespan. Houndmills, BasingstokeHampshire; New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. McAdams, D. P. (2015). The art and science of personality development. New York: TheGuilford Press.